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Signs of an Emergency
About 15 percent of the 120 million Americans who are allergic to poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac are so highly sensitive that they break out in a rash and begin to swell in 4 to 12 hours instead of the normal 24 to 48. Their eyes may swell shut and blisters may erupt on their skin. This is one of the few true emergencies in dermatolgy says William L. Epstein, MD. Get to a hosipital as soon as possible. A shot of corticosteroids will bring the swelling down.
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Zanfel - Very effective cure and treatment

What a fantastic site. This site embodies all the potential that the internet should achieve. You present a great website forum for the sharing of ideas vis-a-vis urushiol. It has helped me...through the impartial presentation of remedies: I have chosen to order Zanfel.
--Kyle Ward ([email protected]) submitted 6/Jul/2000

The most wonderful product I have ever found in terms of stopping the poison ivy dead in its tracks is Zanfel. This stuff works better than anything. The poison ivy simply goes away! You should recomend this to everyone on your site.
--Mark Capriani ([email protected]) submitted 11/Jul/2000

I would like to thank you for the information on your website about zanfel. I was completly in the worst pain that my body had ever been in. I had what is called a systimic reaction(in my blood stream)my reaction was so terrible that I was taken to the e.r. at 12:30 in the evening by a friend. My doctor said that he had never seen a poison oak reaction as bad as mine an therefore I asumed that he wasn't sure how to treat it. I was given a shot of cortizone and was sent on my way. This did nothing for me! by the next day it had spreaded to new places on my body including my eye lids, it was like the rash had a mind of its own. I was then prescirbed pills from my doctor which than again did nothing for me. I had just about every remedy by my side, but nothing and I mean nothing was working it was like the oak rash was taking over my body. It wasn't until today when my zanfel came to my recue by over night delivery. I feel like this stuff actually saved my life. It gave me instant releif and now after being out of work for a week,I can go back and continue on with my life.
just wanted to thank you for mentioning zanfel as one of the remedies on your website it has only been 20 minites since i used the zanfel cream and i feel like a new person. thank you once again and please continue to spread the word as i will do the same
-- krystal reagan([email protected]) submitted Jun/20/2000

I had a really bad case of poison ivy on my face. I tried aloe, calamine lotion, and hydrocortisone. None of them were working. I felt like I had a gooey mask on my face, and everywhere I went people looked at me like I was a leper. I went on the internet and found Zanfel. I usually do not take chances on these types of things, but I was a little desperate. I ordered it despite the $49.00 price tag. Well, I must say that this is the best topical treatment I have tried. It took 2 applications to get rid of it all but it did the job, and exceeded my expectations. The next day I was myself again, with no pain or itching. I would definitely recommend this product. Poison Ivy is so horrible!
-- Andre Jones ([email protected]) submitted Jun/23/2000

I am honestly astonished to find any product that does so thoroughly and precisely what it claims to do as Zanfel does. My twelve-year-old son is unusually patient for his age, which made it all the more difficult to watch him suffer for a week with his second violent poison ivy reaction. He had had a prednisone injection when we first determined that this was another attack of poison ivy, but all that had done was to reduce the red-leather effect on his face. Over the subsequent five days, the rash continued to spread until it covered both arms, both legs, and his torso, as well as half of his face. I was browsing through medical websites when I saw a link to the Zanfel site. I read every testimonial on the page and wanted to try it badly enough to risk what I believed to be an eighty-percent chance of being ripped off, simply because there is so much chicanery on the web. I was willing to do just about anything for my son at that point. The Zanfel arrived on Monday, so immediately after school, we spent fifteen minutes following the simple instructions. We were both amazed at the fact that this product worked compeletely and instantly. We did re-do a few spots on his hands on the two mornings following, but I'm not sure we really need to do those. Yes, it's expensive, but we did his whole twelve-year-old body with about a third of the jar. It even seemed to stop the spreading that the prednisone should have stopped but apparently didn't. I can't explain that, but I'm certainly happy about it! Since then, I have told everyone I know with kids about this product. I even had one of my son's teachers follow me home yesterday with her little girl so I could take care of the rash that had just started to show on her face! I've also informed the local cable company as well as the tree service that does the trimming for our power company, since I know they probably need it the most. Having the other two-thirds of the jar of Zanfel in the house feels like an insurance policy. It is very hard to watch one's child suffer. I thank you deeply and enthusiastically for what you have done to eliminate that suffering in our house!
-- Jane Woodman ([email protected]) submitted Oct/8/1999

I have extreme reactions to even minor brushes with poison ivy. This year so far I have been on steroids 3 times. Normally, I am quite a healthy person who avoids chemicals and medicine. Zanfel arrived on Saturday and when I attended my business meetings on Monday, the current case of poison ivy was almost gone! I even forgot to finish taking the remainder of my steroid prescription as I had nothing to remind me - no raised, red rash or insane itching. I can sleep at night, don't ooze during the day and generally, can almost forget I have poison ivy. There aren't enough words to express the freedom from itching, pain, ugly looking skin and bad moods Zanfel has given me.
-- ([email protected]) submitted Jul/2/1999
Editor note: I can relate. I also used Zanfel and it worked immediately for me after trying other remedies over 8 days. This is amazing as far as I am concerned since it worked in only 15 seconds and no more itching. Here is a reference of my post on usenet which details my experience.

I would like to thank you for all your help with zanfel. One of my customers, Amy Grandaw, found Zanfel on the internet,so we ordered zanfel for her son. She and I both were amazed at the results. I have been a pharmacist for over 20 years, and I have always recommended washing the area as soon as possible. With Zanfel the area can be washed days later and the poison ivy reaction is arrested! Patients can now visit their local pharmacist and get an over-the- counter medication that can get immediate relief for them. The product is safe and effective , and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Construction workers, telephone workers, highway patrol, landscape workers, forestors and loggers have used this product with success. I have contacted local clinics and doctors and they are writing prescriptions to be used by their patients . Please have any pharmacies , doctors , or patients contact me if they have any doubts.

Rick Smith     
Crivitz Pharmacy
PO Box 488
Crivitz, WI 54114
Phone  715.854.7425        Fax 715.854.7326

Editor note: Thanks for the contact information and very nice letter.

I went to Carmel, California over labor day weekend for a college friends wedding.I had heard it was incredibly beautiful and I was not disappointed. So the morning of the wedding some friends and I thought we would take advantage of the beautiful coastline and go for a run. A couple of wrong turns later we found ourselves on the edge of Pebble Beach Golf Course and shoulder high in greenery that I noted looked like poison something or other. My good friend Mark assured us all it was mint! The very next day two of my friends, including Mark, were itching badly. On the third day, while they were suffering, I foolishly declared myself "immune" since I had no symptoms and never had it before. It was eight and half days later while back at work in NY that I first noticed the itching. By day two the blisters had formed and I was in absolute AGONY.The itching was unbearable. I could'nt sleep and I was spending at least three hours a day nursing my legs.I literally wanted to jump out of my skin. The very worst part of this was that I had spent the last six months of my life training and fund raising for a marathon that was only a week and a half away. I tried to test my legs by going for a short run but ended up itching and crying by mile two. It was now five days before the marathon and I thought for sure that I would have to cancel. All my months of training and fundraising - to be sidelined by poison oak. I just could'nt believe it. In desperation I went on the internet to find something, even if just a support group, to bring me comfort. I found Zanfel. I read the testimonials with, admittedly, a bit of skepticism. But I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered an overnight delivery. My co workers laughed and said Id be receiving $65 worth of instructions on how to take an Aveeno bath. The first time I used it I noticed results right away. It felt funny to be scrubbing my blisters with something grainy but after I washed it off there was no more itching.I was amazed. O.K, this next bit is for all of you with a REALLY bad case like the one I had (I had someone ask me if I had gotten tangled in barbed wire). My happiness was quickly replaced by panic when the itching returned several hours later. It ended up taking about five treatments until I was itch free. I write this so those of you with bad cases won't get discouraged. It just takes a few more treatments and persistence. I now believe that what I had was an extreamly bad localized systemic reaction thus the need for the mutiple treatments. If you're reading this and have poison ivy/oak please don't hesitate to use Zanfel. It cost's more than Calamine lotion for a reason - it works! There's no reason to suffer or put your life on hold with this stuff out there. Erin A. Gensel Social Work Graduate Student
-- Erin A. Gensel ([email protected]) Oct/1/1999

My wife ask me to trim some branches off the oak tree in our front yard. I finally got around to it. There were several vines going up the tree--a couple were an inch in diameter. There were no leaves on the first 15 or so feet of these vines. I climbed up the tree with a bow saw, and cut several dead branches. I also cut down several of the vines, and of course, I rested several times in the leaves and vines. THEN, my wife and children took a couple of the sturdier vines, and made a swing out of it! They played on the "swing" on Saturday and Sunday. All of their hands were black with the "tar" from the vine.

Yes, it was all poison ivy--of course, we had no idea. All four of us became extremely systemic. We all had steroids from the doctor.
BUT, I shudder to think what might of happen if we had not gotten ZANFEL. I went on the internet, and got, purchased, tried every remedy listed. (All four of us broke out on over 75% of our bodies!) I truely believe that we all would have been hospitalized if it had not been for ZANFEL. If anyone wants to question me on this--email me.
Jerry Poyner and family
-- jerry poyner ([email protected]) submitted Nov/19/1999

Here I am in Day 12 of a particularly severe poison ivy reaction, and want to share a bit of this awful experience so that at least a few future sufferers won't have to make all the same mistakes I did.
For weeks I have worked at purifying the vinca covered backyard of our new home by pulling back the intruding ground ivy and Virginia Creeper. For purists this is precise work, done bare handed so that one can trace the offending vines back among the countless other vines, eventually to their roots and pulling them without damaging the keepers. Usually I wore shorts and a short sleeved shirt because it's hot and humid here in the DC area. I always washed my hands and forearms with TechNu afterward, and never had a problem with poison ivy. (Of course I'm not sure I ever saw any poison ivy either.) On one particularly productive day recently I simply ran out of energy and left two big piles of pulled vines on the ground until the next day. Next day, I bagged them and put them at the curb. First little but critical mistake - I bagged them bare handed as usual, but didn't wash with TechNu afterward. Only God and I know exactly how many places on my body were then touched by my contaminated hands in the course of the day.
Second and bigger mistake - When I started breaking out on my forearms two days later I wouldn't even consider going to a doctor, because I'm a 55-year old male, an engineer, and a one-time farm boy, and after all I'm only having a poison ivy attack (although for the first time in about 25 years) ... and as I recall these things go away in a few days. Well, it popped up all over me real fast, and not just on the arms. I began the few days of suffering I expected, using Calomine, which did almost nothing for the massively increasing itching. Soon I couldn't sleep or sit still for long. It seemed to be getting even worse, not going away, and I finally became very very motivated to get help. No, not to the Dr, it was July 4 - try the internet! I found lots of ideas, suggestions, and remedies and ordered Zanfel online on Day 4 (July 4), but it wouldn't arrive for 2 days. I caved in and called the doctor on Day 5, and he called in a 9-day declining dose prednisone prescription.

Third and biggest mistake - I should have gone to the Dr's office so he could see for himself how bad it was. He then could have given me a mega-dose injection of cortizone or steroids or both on the spot, followed up by the declining dosage of pills. So I was stuck with only pills, and had none of the benefit of the knock out punch from the injection to stop my immune response to the poison ivy oil that was circulating in my bloodstream and continuing to erupt through my skin.

Two tubes of Zanfel arrived on the afternoon of Day 6, by which time I was nearly insane - and I used it immediately. Believe me, it worked much better than the hair dryer I had been using to try to burn away the itching, and it felt wonderful to rub those granules into my itching skin. From continued reading of the internet literature and a conversation with Zanfel, I learned that I had a systemic reaction, and a severe one. In my case I needed two scrubs with Zanfel about every 4-5 hours to keep the itching under control as blisters built and burst and made pinacles and skin dried and cracked and many welts would not back off at all. I had numerous leather splotches and acres of bumps and strips. I ran through the first two tubes in three days. Zanfel got more to me overnight, as did a drugstore on the far side of the state. Now at Day 12, I've got 5 or 6 tubes left and I may need them. Had to get the prednisone pills renewed yesterday. The Dr. said that some people exaggerate symptoms over the phone and he would have given me an injection and a longer dose in the beginning had he seen me personally. At Day 12 I'm still washing my arms, chest, groin, and legs with Zanfel every 4-5 hours. I'm exhausted. My humor and my wife's patience are almost totally gone. But the rash is slowly, steadily improving. I'm beginning to be able to get a few hours sleep at a stretch. I wouldn't be able to get any sleep were it not for the Zanfel, and my marriage would be in ruins, I'm sure. Zanfel is certainly not a "cure" for my case, but it is saving my sanity, and maybe my wife, and you can believe I'm going to keep several tubes in stock in this house from now on. I've already turned on the Dr. and several neighbors and friends to the product and am about to get the local druggist aboard. Moral: If you've already got it, see the Doctor now and get Zanfel. Second moral: When weeding through the vines - at least wear plastic gloves, have a bucket of soapy water nearby to wash with - and use it before touching your skin or clothing !!! Good luck!
-- Bill Mentats ([email protected]) submitted 12/Jul/2000
Editor note: Can I relate! I also used Zanfel and my problems sound very similar to yours with the exception I never did see a doctor and I caved in an got zanfel after trying other remedies over 8 days.

I tried all the over the counter products including Zanfel (which was a big let down) I broke down and went to the doc and got Prednisone. I hope it works. I'm into this rash for two weeks now and a couple of hundred dollars. One thing I've learned is to be less judgemental of others who have PI or another visible disorder. My children were calling me a monster last week which then became a long discussion about accepting others for who they are and not making them feel even more self conscious. Despite everyone knowing that PI is not contagious, people still stay their distance and don't like to be touched by you. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have a major deformity and deal with the constant looks from others. "Elephant Man" Good luck everyone.
--Larry Frank ([email protected]) submitted 21/Aug/2000

I recently contracted a severe case of poison ivy and I found your site to be most helpful and informative. However I purchased Zanfel after learning about it on your site, but it did not help me at all, and only served to delay my seeing a doctor and getting steroids. Zanfel may work in some cases, but it was useless for me.
-- Jane Wallace ([email protected]) submitted 15/Aug/2000

I have been reading this page for days now mainly because I am suffering from very bad case of poisonivy. Having tried everything under the sun I decided to try Zanfel. I drove 2 hours to a pharmacy 'nearby' in order to get my hands on this miracle cure all. Well folks, do not get your hopes up. Having treated for 4 days I see no relief in sight. The rash is spreading and shows no signs of slowing . Today I got a prescription for Methylpred, and I hope it works. I'll post the results after I'm done with that. Zanfel may work on some people, and possibly on a few weak rash cases. Mine seems to be pretty extensive, and frankly Zanfel was a big disappointment and even bigger waste of money $38.99/1oz tube in a pharmacy. Buyer beware.
-- Andrew ([email protected]) 14/Aug/2000
Editor note: Thanks for the comment. I can assure you I didn't have a weak case of poison ivy as were the following people who sent in these pictures before and after during treatment.

After a very nasty two week long battle with a poison ivy case that was only getting worse (how nasty is it when you can poke your leg and it squirts? Sorry - just had to explain how bad it was . . .), I ordered the Zanfel product. It works.
Having gone through every available OTC remedy, some found here (i.e., boiling showers and hot hair dryers), and even steroids from a dermatologist, I couldn't stand it any longer and ordered it over the web. No more itching, the swelling is completely gone, and I only have red patches wh ere there was once blistering skin. If this sounds a bit over the top, well- if you were in the state I was, you'd b e pretty damn thankful, too. Feel free to email me to verify this claim- I bitch when a product doesn't work, and am just has happy to endorse when it does. Again, this works.
-- Mark Blacknell ([email protected]) submitted 15/Aug/2000

Just wanted to thank whoever put this website together! My three year old son and I got poison ivy in July while picking blueberries in Michigan. I had grown up across the road from a woods and had spent many summers playing there, but had never contacted poison ivy. Apparently the bout with the blueberries was the first time either of us was exposed, because it took 7 days for the rash to appear on both of us. To add to my misery, I was seven months pregnant at the time.
Your website was a blessing to me. At the time I went to the dermatologist, I had no idea what the rash was, and it had not begun the serious itching. By the next morning, however, I was in the worst pain ever (it did not seem to bother my son as much)! Since I already knew I could not get the steriod shot, I turned to the internet for help and found your website.
During the course of the next few days, I think I tried most of the viewer remedies, including the bleach, baking soda, oatmeal baths, hot water showers, cool water showers, hair dryers, Caladryl, Benadryl, and Technu. None of them held any lasting relief. At this point, I was up at least three times a night taking cool showers, and averaging between 1 and a half to three hours of sleep. When I was finally convinced that my sanity was rapidly slipping away from me, and I had already bothered my dermatologist two more times to try to find some form of relief (of course he was not able to offer any to me), I ordered Zanfel. It did provide immediate relief, enough that I almost felt like a human again. However, I had to reapply it every few hours for the next several days. It never really took the rash away, but within three or four days, the itching was very tolerable. I ended up paying for a total of four tubes (overnighted each time - I was a dreamer thinking each bottle would be the last I needed), so it cost me some major cash, but at the time I would have cashed in my 401K to get some relief.
Anyway, thanks again for your website. I cannot tell you how many times I logged onto during that time, partially because misery loves company and it was a relief just to know how bad poison ivy has made others feel (I needed to know I wasn't the world's biggest baby!). Thanks again, Kris Agen
--"Kris/Brian Agen" ([email protected]) submitted 13/Sep/2000
Editor note: Thank you! This is exactly why I put this web site together. Having experienced all the above emotions.

I had been infected with poison ivy for 23 days before my first treatment with Zanfel. I had used Calamine lotion which really dried my skin out making it look like dry leather, soap and water, cortisone cream, and Aspercream, al l giving me very little releif. I decided to search the web and I saw the Zanfel name several times, so I ordered it. I used the Zanfel cream twice in a row within 5 minutes and there was tremendous relief from the itching immediately after use. I thought it was to good to be true. It lasted until the following afternoon. I used the cream again. The blisters are shrinking in size and itching as well. What a relief!! I've used it once a day now for 3 days and tommorrow will probably be the last day, because IT'S GONE!!! My skin scars easily so I'm extremely thrilled with the healing. The discoloration is gone, the hard spots are gone, and my skin has regained it's proper color. With this being on the top of my elbow area and living in the south with such a warm climate, my arms are exsposed most of the time. I'm sooooooo happy, I can't help but post back to this page. The result was much better than I ever expected.... I'm thrilled and will spead the word willingly !! Thank you Zanfel !!!!
-- judy ([email protected]) Submitted 20/Sep/2000

I want to confirm Ms. Carter's observation (Deborah Carter ([email protected]) May/17/2000) that Zanfel didn't work for me also. I've had a case of poison oak for the past couple of weeks and repeated applications of Zanfel have had no noticable effect on it. This is not to deny the general efficacy of the product, but simply to demonstrate that as with any other medical product, our bodies react in different, and often unique, ways. For myself, the only treatment thats been marginally effective has been good ole Calamine lotion. Other than that, its up to the body itself to take care of the healing.
-- Roi Evron ([email protected]) Submitted 24/Mar/2001

I built a deck and a fence at my house. I was working shirtles s, and too late did I realize that, rubbing up against our arch nemesis poison ivy. I ran in and took a shower to wash it all away, but didn't get there in time apparently. I basically got rashes all over my hands, on my face and some on my legs. Bottom line, it sucked. Then I visited this website and found all the testimonials for Zanfel. So I sucked it up and drove to a pharmacy that was (fortunately) only 20 minutes away that had the stuff. I shelled out the 40 bones for a 1oz tube and headed home to the shower. After applying the gritty goo to my rashes as directed, I could only come up with two words for you out there suffering from the dreaded P.I..... "Buy it". It was worth every dollar I spent. Admitedly I was nervous at first because when I stepped out of the shower, I still itched. Well by the time I left the bathroom, I'd forgotten I even had poison Ivy. Now it's been a day.! The nasty blisters are still there... oozing all over and crusting up my poor skin, but the annoying itch and burning associated with P.I. is history. If you want to alleviate your pain right now, go buy some Zanfel. It rocks!!
-- Ben ([email protected]) Submitted 23/May/2001

I just want to say that Zanfel is NOT the answer. I am terribly, terrible allergic to poison ivy, and I had a whopping case of it last summer while pregnant. (I have it again now.) Last year, I found the Zanfel site and read all the customer testimonials and ordered a jar of it for some inordinate sum of money. It DID NOTHING FOR ME. In fact, I ended up having a systemic reaction, either to the poison ivy itself or to one of the many products I used in trying to relieve it. Bottom line for me: Zanfel was a big waste of money. It feels great when you scrub with it because it's gritty, but the many glowing customer letters and pictures did not represent my experience at all. I wondered if the pictures were just faked, because they indicated such drastic improvement in such a short time, and I didn't see that with my case at all. I've tried Zanfel again this time around and had no improvement whatsoever. Phooey on Zanfel.
-- Holly Timberline ([email protected]) submitted 15/Jun/2001
Editor note: No the letters and pictures are not fakes. It works great for me. Unfortunately, Zanfel will only work on urushiol oil type rashes and most contact dermatolgy rashes mostly appear and look the same to me. The only way I know for sure when I have a poison ivy rash is if I have been out working with the plants. Wish it was easier than this to find out. Any others have ideas here?

I want to add my experience in here too. It was very helpful finding this site while I was in agony with blisters scattered all over my body. The very hot showers DO calm down the itching for at least 6 hours. As a child we had used very hot compresses with Epsom salts, but the shower was much easier. And yes, I did go out and buy Zanfel. It seemed a expensive but I was desparate. It took two applications for me, but the blisters dried up quickly. I mean VERY quickly. The scattered spots were harder to identify but once the big messes were history, they were obvious. Thanks for everyone's helpful suggestions.
--Carol ([email protected]) submitted 21/Jun/2001

First, I must thank you for your very informative website. I happened to see it listed in a magazine 2 days after I developed the worst case of poison ivy I have ever had. It was all over the side of my face, my ear, chin and throat. The swelling was so bad, I did not recognize myself in the mirror. The rash appeared suddenly over about 2 hours and was immediately red, angry and oozing.
After reading much on the information on your website and other people's recommendations, I tried the Zanfel. Yes, another satisfied customer. I got it on Thursday and on Friday morning, the swelling had been reduced by 50% and the oozing had completely dried up. By Saturday, all the swelling was gone and I only had red patches of skin where the rash was. Now, there are only a couple pinkish places on my neck. I have never gotten such quick and immediate relief. Even with a steroid shot/prescription, a case usually takes 3-5 weeks to get over.
Thank you for all your terrific information.
--Beverly Vaughn ([email protected]) submitted 21/Jun/2001

I live in Florida and the poison ivy is in season year round. I get poison ivy many times throughout the year. Today while surfing your site I found many recommendations for Zanfel. I logged onto their site and found the U.S Directory of local pharmacies that carry Zanfel. My local Publix store was listed. I asked the pharmasist for Zanfel, she said that this was a life-saver. She could not keep it on the shelf, it was selling like crazy and everyone was raving about it. I used the product this very afternoon and I am already impressed. The itching stopped immediately and it looks like the rash is starting to dry up. Thanks for the Zanfel recommendation. Leave all those home remedies alone - Zanfel really works. Heidi Aaron Tallahassee, Florida
--Heidi Aaron ([email protected]) submitted 25/Jun/2001

Here it is July 4th 2001... What a great country we live in! At 10:30 this morning I found this site with the suggestion for Zanfel...Boy what a big help it has been. My poison ivy symptoms were very bad. My right forearm looked like a horror movie prop with blisters that wept constantly! I was using bandages to keep the fluid from running down my arm onto whatever was in its way... and it itched very bad also. I hooked up to a site that gave local stores to purchase Zanfel from and was in the shower scrubbing with the Zanfel by 1:30 this afternoon. My arm has already begun to look less swollen and the blisters are starting to abate as well. This product was about $29.00 for a small tube... I bought two and will keep the second tube for the future.. I am very pleased and thankful that I found this website;0) Happy 4th of July everybody!
-- Lisa in New York ([email protected]) submitted 4/Jul/2001
Editor: Yes this is a great Country! :-) Thanks for the kind words.

I had my poison ivy rash for a little of a week, resulting in blisters that had already burst open,new blisters, a lot of leaking, swelling under and around the rash and of course itching. Previously, I had tried Ivy Dry with some success. However this time it seemed like the Ivy Dry was helping it to spread. Every day it was a little worse than the day before. I had gone to serveral different web pages looking for help, it seems all of the authors were well meaning enough, they just didn't know what they were talking about. Perhaps they have never had it before or were going by something they had read or heard about. For the record, IF poison ivy rash won't spread, and I put a bandaid on it to keep it from leaking on my clothes, why do I have a new patch of poison ivy where the bandaid was, whose shape looks just like the bandaid. Hmmmm? Out of desparation I bought some Zanfel cream. I am a tight wad and did not like the price tag. The alternative was to go and sit in some doctor's office for a couple of hours, have him give me a steroid (that I definitely don't want in my body), a prescription that cost just as much and in a couple of weeks might feel better. The Zanfel cream worked and was amazing, (you must follow the instructions), and fast. I treated myself a total of three times yesterday. After the first treatment I knew it was going to help, but I had let it go too long and had to administer two other applications. Today, the less severe places are dryed up, still red but healing with none of the symptoms listed above. The more severe places are dryed up as well, but these have sores that currently have a scab that must heal, but it is going to get better. You can wait on poison ivy, but it won't wait for you, the sooner you apply the Zanfel the better off you will be. Good luck, I hope you are as please as I am with this product.
--"Bill Snelling" ([email protected]) submitted 13/Jun/2001

I'm a 34 year old male in great shape. I live in N.H. on 3 poison ivy filled acres with 2 dogs and love to mountain bike through the same. I've had poison ivy before and am very familiar with the problem. I finally had my worst case ever and came to the web to see what others had to say. I saw a product called Zanfel and was very skeptical as I am a very conservative person and don't want to be caught in a scam. I drove 15 miles to buy a 1oz. tube and followed the directions to a tee. However, I suggest a more like 45 seconds of rubbing in the product and a second application 24 hours later. I am familiar with chemistry and I think I understand what this product is about but I won't get into details that may detract from what is a safe and wonderful accomplishment. I had pea size blisters on my hands and had to quit after 15 holes of my favorite sport, golf, when I couldn't bear the pain any longer. I had blisters on every part of my body and the heat and sweat made it almost unbearable. It has been 30 hours since my first treatmeant and the itching and swealing has gone away. The itching left within an hour and I had my first good nights sleep. There are still the red marks and occasional flare ups from new areas but I attack them as they come and I couldn't be happier with my $16.99 purchase. Yes, I took benadryl and all the other remedies but this was out of control and growing, I think they call it a systemic reaction. I don't own stock in the company I am just an average Joe who saw the people who claimed it didn't help them. They probably had something other than poison ivy, oak, or sumac. It's not the wonder cure in 24 hours but it is the best product out there. E-mail me if you have any questions.
--"Bart Snell" ([email protected]) submitted 22/Jun/2001

I've got a really bad case of PI. Although I'm taking steriods, it didn't do anything for my TERRIBLE itching and burning. Just thought I'd pass along that thanks to your website I found and purchased Zanfel. Pricy but worth it. Thanks so much for a great website. Just reading it made me feel better. Keep up the great work!
--"Meredith Silverstein, Ph.D. " ([email protected]) submitted 8/Jul/2002

I wish I could say that Zanfel worked for me, but it didn't. Your website really saved me. I found this website on the second day I had poison ivy. That little vine is amazingly powerful. Started off with just little dots and the next morning I had it on my legs, face, arms and fingers. I bought Zanfel (very expensive...I went through the whole cream in three days and the itching was still present, they should at least give you more for the money). It felt great rubbing it in the skin because of the granuals, but the sores never shrank. The only thing that stopped the itching was the "hot water treatment" Thats the key with this poison ivy. Once you stop itching, it does not spread. I still noticed that the sores were still openned on the fourth day. I have an aunt that was brought up on homeopathic remedies, and to be quite honest, I really didn't believe in natural herbs but she told me to get some goldenseal powder and make a past out of it using water!. I applied it to my sores after the hot water treatment and went to bed. The next day, the sores began to shrink. That remedy worked for me. I tried all others. I used caladryl, hydrocortizone, anti-itch stuff. None worked. The conclusion is that maybe some products work better on other people, you just have to find one that works good on you, but boy, I can't stress enough about the hot water treatment. I am on my eleventh day and the poison ivy is almost gone. I thought for sure I was going to have to get on Prednisone. What a relief. I consider the itching of poison ivy to be "maddening." This is the first time I got it and I don't want it ever again. Hope this helps a bit.
--"Mary" ([email protected]) submitted 14/Jul/2002

Thought I might be the world's biggest sap to plunk down $31 for a teeny tube of Zanfel...but the stuff is near miraculous! I sprang for it because my daughter and myself both had extensive facial blisters...nothing has ever felt as wonderful as the "kosher scratching" with the gritty Zenfel paste...and then I went right into healing, never needed a second wash. Now, I'm not sure I really care 'cause it works so great...but what's in this stuff? Is it at all toxic? To people I mean--it's certainly toxic to poison ivy! Oh, and I had never tried the hot water treatment for itch relief before, that really works too!
--"Susan" ([email protected]) submitted 15/Jul/2002

I recently had the only case of poison ivy I've ever had in my life. Normally, I'm not sensitive to poison ivy. The other weekend, I was working with other volunteers cleaning up / restoring a Civil War battlefield site, and because poison ivy doesn't usually bother me, I volunteered to clear out a whole patch of it.The day after, I just had a very small rash in one place on my arm, which then went away. However, 5 days after the initial exposure, I woke up one day with a ferocious attack of the stuff. Calamine lotion wasn't doing the trick and I was desparate to learn more about what I could do. I found your site through the Google search engine and wanted to thank you for posting such a comprehensive information resource. Based in the information here, I tried Zanfel (had to go to a pharmacy several miles away as the chain stores like CVS don't carry it yet). The Zanfel did a superb and immediate job on the topical outbreak - however, it turns out that my problem was that the urushiol had gotten into my overall system and kept having new outbreaks in areas that had never been exposed.My dermatologist prescribed steroids (prednisone) plus Allegra to relieve the itching and Ultravate cream and that did the trick. Meanwhile, I continued to use the Zanfel on new outbreaks to remove the itching and irritation.If your problem is just topical, Zanfel alone shoulddo the trick. However, its also handy in combination with prescription drugs in fighting asystemic infection.It's been a week now and it's almost gone and I no longer look like a refugee from a leper colony.Thanks again for putting this very helpful site together.--Kathryn Coombs, Alexandria VA
--"Kathryn Coombs" ([email protected]) submitted 17/Jul/2001

Tried Zanfel for a week-long case of poison something (got it weeding in the garden but don't know what it is). Zanfel seems to relieve itching better than the topicals that I tried: max strength cortisone cream (1%) and clear caldryl. But I do not see a miracle cure. I am still itching after 4 treatments and the dry up rate is unremarkable. Perhaps I have a systemic infection, and I will go to the dermatologist if this keeps up. But I am not impressed enough to buy another $30 tube of Zanfel.
--"Dorothy" ([email protected]) submitted 20/Jul/2001

Zanfel works. I had poison ivy for 2 weeks. I had a steroid shot and used bleach, along with Calagel and Caladryl, not within the week of getting it. Going on the 3rd week, my eyes and face were swelling and hurt like a second degree sunburn. I purchased zanfel from the only drugstore that carried it. After the first application, the swelling and burn left. I used it 2 times that first day into the 3rd week and then 2 times the next day. My face was normal and the rash was finally going away. I have most of the tube left and will buy it again for the $35 that it cost me. It does work!
--"Jess" (no email provided) submitted 26/Jul/2001

I just wanted to tell everyone that after finding this site and having the itchies for 4 days I went out to the drugstore today at lunch and bought a tube of Zanfel. I put it on one area of my arm (in the bathroom at work) at 2:00 pm and it is now 4:00 pm and it is almost completely gone!!! Even though it is expensive it is definately worth it. I recommend anyone who can't stand the itch to spend the money. I can now leave for my vacation and not have to worry about any discomfort. :)
--"Debi Campbell" ([email protected]) submitted 3/Aug/2001

This site is great, but you steered me wrong on Zanfel. I tried it for my acute p.i. attack and found it worthless. Just a grainy soap that felt good while applying (produces a mild scratching, so what do you expect) but did zilch to abate or relieve the p.i. Waste of money in my opinion.
--"George Cooper" ([email protected]) submitted 3/Aug/2001
Editor: George, thanks for your feedback.

The next day after pulling and digging out poison ivy and oak out of my backyard, I started to see red itchy spots. I had never gotten poison ivy before, so I thought this was it. On day 3 I went to the dermatologist and was given two coritsone injections and was told I'd feel much better in 2 days. It got worse. On day 7 I was at my wits end. The swelling on my legs and arms was unbelievable. On day 8 I went to the emergency room where they gave me a prednisone pack of pills and told me to discontinue using the steroid gel that the dermatologist prescribed. However, that night I could not sleep. The itching and pain was intense. Ice packs on my legs and arms and calamine lotion gave me some relief. Benadryl tablets helped with sleep, but not with the itch. It wasn't until I bought the Zanfel and washed with it that I can say I felt a great deal of relief. The rash still looks bad, but I can function now I feel as though I'll be able to sleep tonight.
--"Wendy " ([email protected]) submitted 6/Aug/2001

Another Zanfel failure story. In fact, I think that it aided the further spread of the blisters. After each treatment I seemed to get more tiny blisters clustering around the existing big blisters.
--"Vicki Blier" ([email protected]) submitted 5/Aug/2001

Six weeks ago I contracted poison ivy and immediately used all the traditional medical treatment methods. It took me a little over 4 weeks to recover and I itched for almost three of the four. Last week I inadvertently put on my old garden gloves and it started all over again in essentially the same spots. This time I decided to try the Internet and read about Zanfel on your site. The first day of my breakout I was able to get a supply and went to work on the spots. True enough, the itching was controlled with thorough scrubbing. On day three, I went to a dermatologist who gave me three prescriptions and said he had no way of knowing about Zanfel without clinical trials and journal reports and therefore was very skeptical. I filled his prescriptions, but took none, and held my breath for things to get worse. I was fully prepared to start the Prednisone, the cream, etc. if I started breaking out more or itching. Every time a spot hinted at an itch, I washed it !with Zanfel. I ended up using it about twice a day for four days and now I am fine! I may have gotten lucky that it didn't become systemic. Who knows? Anyway, at the very least it stopped the itching for hours.... Which never occurred previously, and from looking at the same identical spots that I had before, I am recovering much faster. I actually think I will be completely okay by tomorrow, which will be 7 days. I think the Zanfel miracle claims are too strong, but given my own single subject design, I think this product is a very good one. I might add, that my academic friends who watched me recover earlier this month are very impressed with my progress this time. I hope this product stays on the market.
--"Stella" ([email protected]) submitted 26/Aug/2001

I found your site very useful - surfing the web is a great antidote to scratching - but there's a discrepancy between the manufacturer's claims and my experience with Zanfel. While it reduces the appearance of the lesions, they itch just as badly after three washings as they did before and I'm now more swollen.Fact and opinion mix on the web in uneven proprtions. While the salt of the ocean might easy the suffering, exposure to the sun - or any heat - will definitely make it worse. I say, stick to the doctors' advice.Take this as a cautionary tale. You may post my comments, but please do not post my email address on your site. Regards, Still Itchy
--"Citygirl" (no email provided) submitted 27/Aug/2001

All I can say is thank heaven for zanfel!!!!!! My husband had gotten into poison ivy and within a few hours was swollen and rashy. We tried every remedy out there for two days until I came upon your web-site. Thank you!! I drove 40 minutes to the only drug store that carries Zanfel and am shocked at the results so far. We are both looking forward to a night full of sleep! Very sincerely, Joseph and Lisa DeVenuto
--"Lisa DeVenuto" ([email protected]) submitted 4/Sep/2001

As far as Zanfel is concerned I have some personal experience. Last summer I got some rashes on my legs from Poison Ivy. I tried Zanfel according to the directions on the package. Nothing. When I called their help line they suggested rubbing on the infected area for a full minute instead. It worked. It did take longer than advertised and I did still have some redness left, but it works better than anything else I've ever tried. One possible reason that it took longer for me is that my skin behaves differently than most people in that it does not bruise. I'm just throwing this out for those that don't have success the first time. Try rubbing it longer and good luck.
--"Tom Collins" ([email protected]) submitted 27/Oct/2001

I suffer from occasional outbreaks of Poison Oak, which I contract from my dogs. I have tried a variety of remedies but have found that Zanfel works the best and is well worth the $25. I was skeptical about it's claims but when I tried it the itching went away alomst instantly. The reaction I had to the Poisin Oak was fairly severe so it took several uses over a 12 hour period but the results were much better than I expected and a lot better than any other remedy I have tried. I would highly recommend keeping a tube of this on hand if you get Poison Oak.
--"Chris Nichols" ([email protected]) submitted 8/Mar/2002

Came to your site via Google and the words "poison ivy" You have a great site. I was on my way to the doctor to get my arms treated after 6 days of misery. Those that are sensitive will understand. The information on Zanfel was great - went through the links straight to a store a few miles from my house. Did Zanfel rather than the doctor. It is great. Lam
--"lamullins" ([email protected]) submitted 12/Mar/2002

I have aquired a pretty bad outbreak of poison ivy on my face and upper arms. After two days I went ahead and purchased the Zanfel and washed with it as directed. It really relieved my itching for about 10 hours. Then I washed again and the following morning I had cleared up some but not anything significant. It did seem to itch with less intensity though. The abrasiveness did make my rash quite red and conspicuous now and it didn't really reduce or aid like I hoped it would. Just another perspective on a $40 buy.
--"Amy King" ([email protected]) submitted 21/Mar/2002

Thanks for your site, I learned a lot that has helped me with my current case of pi. However, after driving an hour both ways to get the nearest Zanfel, I was disappointed with its results. It did temporarily relieve the pain and itching however it has not stopped the pi from spreading or the itching and pain from coming back. However it did relieve the itch long enough to get 6 uninterupted hours of sleep which was the most I'd had in days. But waking up to the itching when it came back was not fun. I've used Zanfel 3 times so far and have yet to completely stop the itching from coming back. One area I used it on turned into those ugly red leathery blisters. It wasn't what I expected but it is better than anything else out there that I've found so far.
--"kconneen" ([email protected]) submitted 30/May/2002

I have been infected with poison ivy for over a week now (I thought it was a a scratch and bug bites at first). I've tried benedryl, calomine lotion, cortisone 10 and zanfel. The zanfel gave me temporary relief, but there wasn't enough for multiple applications and I can't afford to keep buying tubes at $39.99 everyday. So, I'm off to the doctor (I think my case is systemic now) to see if a steroid shot or pills will give me some relief. Wish me luck!
--"kathy" ([email protected]) submitted 27/Aug/2002

Although I did leave the shower singing the praises of zanfel and not itching....by day 6 (2 days after treatment) I was much worse, with a diffuse rash. My dr. Prescribed the Medrol dose pak, and 48 hours after starting steroids (as the package suggests) I tried again...with good result...but not as efficient as the first treatment. By Day 10, the rash was spread across my chest, groin, and back. I finally started breaking down the ingredients, and hope you will include this info on your site...ZANFEL Contains the ingredient nonoxynol-9....as in the contraceptive agent. As a nurse, I am embarrassed to admit that I was so miserable with the rash that I did not check the ingredients....but I would never have expected a contraceptive agent to be in Poison Ivy cream!! Nonoxynol-9 has contact dermatitis-like allergies/ membrane irritation ALLErGIES associated with it! And I know from past experience that I do react to it. This was good news...I Knew what was wrong...and bad...the zanfel stopped the itch, and now I had to discontinue use! I still think zanfel is a miracle...and talk it up to EVERYONE...but I wanted to put the allergy risk out there! Thanks so much.......Suzanne...nurse...NJ
--"Suzanne Hagan, LPN" ([email protected]) submitted 6/Sep/2002

I'm searching for a way to replace my Zanfel. I found it last year after spending lots on Domboro, Technu, Benadryl and not getting relief. I carry it with me now whenever I'm going fishing and I am always thankful to have it with me. This year I wore long sleeved shirts even in the heat to avoid poison oak or whatever, but I ended up getting it on my face and neck. My vacation would have been ruined if I'd forgotten my Zanfel. Thanks for letting me share.
--"Linda Nelson" ([email protected]) submitted 11/Jun/2002

I just bought my first house and with new home owner enthusiasm grabbed my clippers and headed out to clean up the backyard. I found out the hard way my back fence is covered in poison ivy. Needless to say, I am now covered in the rash. I headed to the doctor's office Saturday morning when I woke up with my eyes just about swollen shut. She prescribed prednisone and an anti-histimine. By the next day I thought I was going to come out of my skin the itching was so bad. I finally found this website and the articles on Zanfel. I tracked down the only drugstore in my city that carries it - they were sold out but expecting a shipment the next day. I was there waiting for them to unpack it. That was yesterday. I have washed twice using it. My skin still looks terrible and since it is a systemic infection I am still breaking out in new places but the itching has stopped! I am sold on Zanfel. While my rash has not disappeared, at least I feel like I can get through the course of this with my sanity intact. Zanfel will be forever in my medicine cabinet.
--"Paula Higgins" ([email protected]) submitted 25/Jun/2002

I am very sensitive to poison ivy. The house I bought over the winter was infested with poison ivy. Poison Ivy "owns" .3 acres (out of 1.2) of the house I bought on Long Island. When I say owns, I mean the some areas are thick with vines as big around as your arm. This is the second house I have owned with this problem. Here are the lessons I have learned reclaiming the yard.1. Get a 3 gal sprayer tank and buy professional grade round up. The pro stuff is about 5x stronger than the gallon jugs you can get at home depot. What a difference. The first house I owned took me a year and a half to kill off the poison ivy using the home depot stuff and a bow saw to cut the vines (again some of the vines were about 4-6" in diameter! The professional grade roundup took 1 application to turn the poison ivy (and every other broad leaf plant in the area) to a crispy brown. I have to replant some Pachysandra which was also killed (an acceptable casualty). While pulling vines out of the front yard and Pachysandra I got a wicked exposure despite my precautions: protective clothing, gloves, boots, a cold shower with technu. I had big leathery patches on my face, neck, and arms, my belt line, and thighs. On recommendations from this site and others and bought Zanfel and got some relief. I did not get the miracle cure that others report, but It did reduce the rashes, swelling and itching to something that is more tolerable. I'd say I had about a 50% improvement after 5 applications. Given the expence of the stuff I would only buy and use it if you are suffering from a bad exposure like I was otherwise it is just not worth the money.
--"Mark Mieczkowski" ([email protected]) submitted 26/Jun/2002

I tried Zanfel based on numerous positive comments on this site, as I had a pretty extensive case of poison oak. $40 and and empty tube later, I can say it did not work for me. I followed directions carefully, and continued with repeated treatments. The itching slightly subsided, but only returned with equal fury 2 hours later. Repeated treatments did not help. I later went to the doctor who confirmed I had poison oak, and gave me the standard Cortisone/Prednisone treatment. I had high hopes for this product but I am disappointed. I will be asking the manufacturer for a refund as I feel for $40 the product should deliver.
--"Steve" ([email protected]) submitted 19/Oct/2002

Zanfel: $40, two applications in last 12 hours, and still itchy like mad! Spend your money on mind altering substances like beer, and wait for time to heal all!
--"rob weiss" ([email protected]) submitted 23/Oct/2002

Just an fyi, I have had poison ivy for over 7 weeks now all over my body. Of course I have tried everything. I took a 24 day course of predensone and it almost went away. The minute I stopped the steroid it came back. A hot shower really is the best anti-itch treatment I have found. I have found absolutely no relief whatsoever from Zanfel and was very disappointed because it is quite expensive.
[email protected] submitted 23/Nov/2002

Zanfel was my savior!!! Enough said. Henry Most Data/Business Analyst Names In The News, Inc. (510) 302-4666 [email protected]
--"Henry Most" ([email protected]) submitted 19/Feb/2003

I have had poison ivy many times so I know the process. I probably picked up my case of poison ivy this year from a friend's dog. My poison ivy started to appear on the weekend and the weeping, itchy blisters broke out visciously on a Monday. A co-worker took pity and recommended Zanfel as it had helped her immensly the previous summer. After applying Zanfel, the itching stopped almost immediately and the skin appears to be healing much faster than cases I have had in the past. Zanfel is expensive, but well worth it.
--"Ian W Butler" ([email protected]) submitted 4/Jun/2002

I to purchased Zanfel and was quite leary of this be product because of the price but I said to myself, if this works, it would be well worth the price. I was amazed!!! I am going to tell everyone and anyone that will listen about this product. There is only one drug store in Montgomery, Alabama that sells this product. Everyone should and would if they only knew how great it is.
--"Linda Pittman" ([email protected]) submitted 10/Jul/2002

Zanfel is a miracle!! I had a terrible case of poison ivy (arms, legs, neck, back) and nothing stopped the itching more than a few hours. One treatment with Zanfel and I've not itched again. This stuff is expensive but it works!!! An absolute lifesaver.
--"James Curtis" (no email provided) submitted 19/Apr/2003

Hi! I thought I'd add my story. I react very strongly to poison ivy. . .I've always had to take shots or steroid pills to get rid of the horrible rashes & itching. I got into a patch of it this year while trimming a tree in front of the house (I finally got it into my head to be very afraid of anything with "three leaves"), and after trying topical steroid cream prescribed by my Dr. (with so-so effect), I heard about Zanfel. I had a tough time finding a store with it in stock, and hated paying 40$ for it. . .but it gave a lot of relief immediately, and the welts are shrinking quickly. I did have to re apply & wish I had another tube, but it worked far better than I would have thought. And, I was VERY skepical. My husband, who got it all over his arms & neck, had a lot of relief from the itching as well.
--"J House" ([email protected]) submitted 07/Aug/2003

That Zanfel stuff is expensive but worth every penny. I have been breaking out for two weeks, tried everything - calamine, caladryl, benadryl, witch hazel, aveeno, hydrocortizone, hair dryer, everything I could think of. This morning it was spreading to my torso and neck and arms - it started on my ankle! I tried the zanfel, which is supposed to bind with the urishol- it took the itch away within a minute. I talked to them on their toll free number and the guy said if I was still breaking out for more than 3 days, it was systemic, and I would still need to see the doctor for steroids because it is in my blood and will pop up anywhere. So I did, but I still used the zanfel to get instant relief. I might have a few more spots show up before the steroid shot takes effect, and I intend to use the zanfel on it. I can't tell you how relieved I am to be rid of the itch, it was horrible.
--"Robin Townsend" ([email protected]) submitted 6/May/2003

It's may in zone 5/6 and there aren't a whole lot of plants that are fully leafed yet so in my case the poison ivy was not visible (just twigs sticking out of the ground). I had cleared some leaves from about 10 square yards of my father-in laws back yard. I wasn't prepared for that type of work clothing-wise, but I helped him out anyway. I was wearing sandals and shorts and a tshirt when I did the work. Since there weren't any green leaves out yet I didn't think that I was going to get exposed to anything bad, just the oak leaves that I was raking. Well I was wrong. 48 hours later and after 2 showers I broke out in the traditional poison ivy rash all over my legs and feet. For 4 days I used caladryl gel and benedryl gel to help alleviate the symptoms, but the rash continued to spread even though I wasn't scratching etc. I seemed to get the rash wherever I was sweating and got really bad leathery patches behind my knees. I did an internet search for "poison ivy cure" and found the zanfel site. I bought 2 1oz. Tubes of the stuff ($33 each) and applied it. It worked extremely well. While I would say it's not a complete cure and personally I think I've got a systemic case, it does clear up the itching and halts the progress of the rash. The only thing that it really hasn't done for me is take care of the pain associated with the open sores. They should include an analgesic of some sort to help this problem. I don't itch now, but I do have painful sores that hurt when I move. Applying the zanfel on these sores will aggrivate them and increase the pain for a short duration due to the abrasive nature of it. I plan to try an aspracreme or other topical anagesic to help with the pain, but I wanted people to know that zanfel is a lifesaver, but won't take care of all the symptoms. Cheers, "Recovering in MA"
--"Christopher Lee" ([email protected]) submitted 15/May/2003

One word relief! Zanfel!! Worked as advertised. Worth the high cost!
--"Mike" (NOSPAM [email protected]) submitted 19/May/2003

Zanfel is a gift from above!! I was so infested by poison ivy after my trip to Virginia that I couldn't even stand still. I suffered for about a week before I went searching online for an answer. I tried Zanfel because everyone on your site was praising it. At $35.00 per oz. I was a bit reluctant but after another afternoon of itching and burning I was ready to pay anything for even a chance at relief. Not only did Zanfel take away the itch, the application was nearly orgasmic. The cream has a sandy texture so applying it results in a full minute of the best guilt-free scratching you can imagine. My poison ivy is already clearing up after only 24 hours! Zanfel is worth it's weight in gold!
--"Alaina Lee" ([email protected]) submitted 18/Jun/2003

No matter how cautious I try to be, it seems that every other year or so, I get Poison Ivy. Having tried all the home and otc remedies over the years, the only product that I have found that actually does what it says it will do is Zanfel.
--"Joe Greer" ([email protected]) submitted 23/Jun/2003