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Poison ivy

Submitted By: Enrique Arredondo
Date Submitted: 1/14/2004 2:26 am
Status: Approved
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My 3 year old boy got infected about 10 days ago at Monterrey, Mexico, when we were visiting a river. We first though it was a spider bite but now it looks more like the photos I found on this great web site. The peditritian gave my kid Agmentin ES-600 for the first couple of days thinking that it was a spider or insect bite. But on the 4th visit a new doctor changed the medicin to PREDNISOLONE 15MG/5ML Syrup and also the Hydrocortisone cream, 2.5 %. Looks like the color is now turning to brown instead of red but I noticed that it's propagating more that when taking the Agmentin (??), Next thrusday 1/15/2004 we'll go again with the same pediatritian to see what's next.