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Dog rubdown

Submitted By: Jeremy Crooks
Date Submitted: 12/15/2003 10:06 pm
Status: Approved
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This is the rash I contracted as a result of my dog rubdown ritual I have with my pet Luna. Dec. 7th, 2003, Cascade(north of Milwaukee) Wisconsin. It's been about 1 week since I woke up in the morning itching and noticing the raised bumps and patch of white/red colored skin on my forarm. Iv'e had it before so I knew then that I was exposed the day before. How in december no one could guess, but I figgured the dog had found a new plant to rub herself on. I had been to a doctor before, and received a steroid shot that didn't do any good, so I thought I would just fight it out myself with time. Contact Dermatitis right? So, I'll dectonaminate everything possible and shower twice a day and that should do it. Not. After I washed everything and it still spread, I washed it again with a bleach overdose. Still spreading, driving me crazy! Ok, new clothes. Ahh, peace of mind. Next morning, Arrg! it's still spreading, but the origional bad spot now has new skin and has kind of healed. It goes into remission every night and flares up in the morning. I'm going to the doctor now! He sure was puzzled, Contact Dermatitus, right? It should only flare up where the plant contacts the skin, but I'm sure now it's in my bloodstream poping up whereever it want's to! I guess that is my question. Does it get into the bloodstream, or am I actually contaminating myself on the surface? We are both from Alaska, where there are no such evil plants that I know of. She had no effects, but you can see mine. I am submitting these photos and comments out of appreciation for your exceptional site. I have had this malady everytime I visit the (collorful explatives)midwest. (5 times in the last 10 years). The experiences I read gave me releif and peace of mind. There really is nothing like witnesses to inform you and feel empowered. We all know that good doctors exist, but my personal observation is that for the most part, they are arrogant and closed minded. Hearing about folks's experiences with doctors and medications really is helpful. Anyway, I'm taking my meds of prednesone, and some other stuff. I'll write back in a couple of days to report on their effects. Jer