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Funny blossom clusters

Submitted By: James Hazel
Date Submitted: 8/25/2003 0:39 am
Status: Approved
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We were attracted to this plant by the flower clusters. Only in trying to key it out were we concerned that it may be poison ivy. There were 4 of us handling it and no one has broken out in a rash after 24 hours (but we all itch thinking about it!) This picture was taken in the Eastern part of the Olympic Penninsula at about 3000 feet elevation off the side of a road. The date was August 23 and I broke open some of the seed clusters in the blossoms, thinking they held bean or bean like seeds. Some of the blossoms in nearby bushes seemed to have small bean starts and on the power of suggestion, this plant had seeds the shape of beans when the cases were broken open.