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Submitted By: Sandra Sommi
Date Submitted: 8/17/2003 2:37 am
Status: Approved
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Plants found in Bloomfield Hills, MI along a side walk in between the road and a golf club. I found two plants. One around a tree and another by itself in the middle of a lot of vegetation. I have a terrible rash, today is my 9th day, still itching non-stopping 24 hours a day with medication. Heat and sun make them worse, they swell and itch more. I was forbiden exercise because of the increase of body heat. I have my left lower & upper arm, elbow and wrist and hand full of red patches big and small. My right lower arm and some on my hand and upper arm, and 3 small ones on my face. I am sendig you photos from far to the nearest possible for you to identify them and let me know if they really are the perpetrators that gave me this misery. Please let me know as soon as you can. The toxic reaction was so bad I really need to be able to identify this plant. Thank you much and congratulations, you have the best information I found.