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scarey plants in my garden! what are they?

Submitted By: tima
Date Submitted: 8/13/2003 9:42 pm
Status: Approved
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I have a vegetable garden and i watch every step to make sure i dont step on poison ivy. I have been looking at the pictures but i just want to make sure because no one in my family believes me that theres something out there. The first picture is just a weird plant and i want to know what that is. The second picture looked like poison oak but its juss growing on the deck. The 3rd picture is a little greenish-red plant that is growing next to my veggies and i know its not one because its all over the garden, grass, and front yard. It doesnt really look like its lying on the floor..it stands up straight like a flower. The 4th picture..well lets say i wont pick any veggies because thats growing next to them..is it poison ivy? i want to remove it but im scared to. The 5th plant is just a weird shaped plant all over..it doesnt look harmful. (but just to be on the safe side).My genius sister took the next picture and it came out kind of dark, but it has berry looking things..could that be a poisonous plant (not the berries..i wouldnt eat them). Finally, our guest of honor, im pretty sure its poison ivy, it starts from one side of the picture to the other and it has a white thick woody stem..well is that it? In the next picture..all the way in the back by the fence is the same plant. By the way..if my vegetables touch say, a poisonous plant..can the vegetable become 'poisonous'? Thanx soooo much im sorry to show so many pictures but our yard is very active. Since i took up so much time, a simple yes or no would be fine..thanx again!