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Submitted By: Bob Ingraham
Date Submitted: 7/18/2003 6:45 pm
Status: Approved
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I live in N.Central North Carolina (Sandy Ridge in Stokes County). I have reached in to pull these out several weeks in a row. I back off every time. I see these plants do not have all the characteristics of poison ivy, such as a woody stem, and the leave pattern is just enough to confuse me, but I get scared when I reach for them. There is enough resemblance to make me ask you for assistance in identifying what this is. These are next to my house, also next to a gutter drain. Good drainage, but plenty of water available this year. The rain just won't stop. They are partially shaded by the azalia's on the southwest side of the house. (Please use these attached pictures I took any way you want) Thanks for any help, Bob