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NOTE: The shear amount of SPAM that I have to delete from this website has me reconsidering opening this section to all. I am doing identifications via email. Use the feedback form link below and contact me and I'll get back in touch as soon as possible. Please be sure to let me know approximately where you are located as there are some regional differences in the plants.

For those who have submitted pictures, if your submissions are not online in the "Is It Poison Ivy?" and you requested a plant identification, you will find my first pass response in this new section: Quick Notes.

This is the place to put pictures for approval for inclusion on the Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Information Center website. Please only send pictures for which you have copyright. Please be sure to state that we have permission to publish the pictures on the website with your submission. All submitted pictures will be given proper credit.

Two new sections on the site for rashes and plant identification have been created from these submissions. We hope that you will find these new sections useful. In the case of plant identification requests, please be sure to show enough of the plant to aid in identification. Ideally that would include vine, stem and leaves. You are welcome to upload as many pictures as you think I'll need to do identification. Please make sure that these pictures are at least 640x480. Small pictures are almost impossible to properly identify.

Here's the information I need for plant identifications:

  • What state or area of the country where the picture was taken
  • Your question & any details about where the plant was found (ie. vine running on ground, running up a tree, etc.)
  • Picture(s) with enough detail to help in identifying the plant(s) in question
  • Permission to use the picture(s)

For rashes, well that's self-explanatory. Any additional comments though are welcome.


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