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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Sandy
Date Submitted: 6/22/03
Location: Barrington, IL

Question Asked: We are desperate to find the plant that gave me a serious rash. We think we've identified it as the attached. It grows both on the ground, as well as up trees. The vine growing up a large hickory tree is about an inch in diameter.

We are in Barrington, IL, 35 miles NW of Chicago. These pictures were taken today. Are they poison Ivy? If not, are they poison - something else? Please help.

Answer: Hi Sandy -

That certainly is some big poison ivy. The flowers help in positive id. These are simple flower clusters that you see in the picture in a couple of places. Great picture with good detail. We see the woody stem, the trifoliate leaves (3 leaflets), the distinct flowers, plus the information you provided about its habit. Interesting how on the same day we see poison ivy from Alabama which has drupes (fruit) and poison ivy from Illinois and its just now flowering. You've done a good job, Sandy, to identify the likely culprit for the serious rash.