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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Scott H
Date Submitted: 6/22/2003
Location: Dallas near White Rock Lake

Question Asked: This picture was taken on 6-22-03 in Dallas near White Rock Lake. (zip 75218) The area just east of the lake is called Lochwood and has several small creeks that feed into the lake. The creeks are lined with vast amounts of the plant pictured. I just wanted to confirm before I let the kids go romping through the creeks.

Answer: Hi Scott -

Even though I can't see the vine, I'm betting that this is poison ivy. The other characterisitics are present along with the proper setting to lead me to make this identification. Poison ivy grows in fields, at tree lines, up trees, along the ground, in waste areas (such as roadside), near creeks, etc. I would prefer to see some of the stem for a positive id but certainly don't want anyone moving plants just for the picture. Teach your kids what the plants look like, and hopefully they'll be able to enjoy wandering around without getting urushiol oil on themselves from plant contact.