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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Laura Adams
Date Submitted: 6/21/03
Location: Adams Muncie, Indiana

Question Asked: There are several different (I think) plants growing along this chain link & wood fence and also along the ground. The ones on the fence are definitely a vine, and I think the ones on the ground are also. They look a lot like poison ivy in comparison to other pics on your website, but I think everything is poison ivy (!) so I wanted to be sure. Thanks! Laura

Answer: Hi Laura -

The vines growing between the wooden and chain link fence are definitely poison ivy. It is an opportunistic plant and will grow as a vine both along the ground and clinging to structures or other plants. The primary characterisitics that we can see (some you have to squint for :-)):

  • Alternating leaves along the stem
  • 3 leaflets per leaf
  • Woody stem
  • Clinging to structures via aerial rootlets (they are there in the 4th picture - you just have to squint to see)
  • Egg shaped leaflets, oddly toothed (little jags along the leaf edge but not with any real regularity)

Your first picture of the ground shows a smattering of different plants. The plant in the upper middle as well to the right of that looks like poison ivy to me. Without seeing more of the plants, it's hard to say positively but this is a common way to find the plants.