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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Russ & Lisa Gehrke
Date Submitted: 6/15/2003
Location: northeast Wisconsin, near Oshkosh

Question Asked: We live in northeast Wisconsin, near Oshkosh. My husband gets a terrible rash several times each summer, and we could never figure out where it was coming from. We just came in from a walk, and we think we may have found the culprit. There is a HUGE patch ( 15' x 100') of this 3 leaf plant growing along the edge of the woods, where it adjoins a field, where he often chops wood. It seems to have really increased and thrived after the larger brush was cleared

Answer: Hi Russ & Lisa,

That certainly is poison ivy. This plant thrives in distrubed areas such as when the larger brush was cleared. It also does well along the edges of woods and up trees. In the first picture you can see some damaged leaflets with black spots. Those spots are likely oxidized urushiol oil.

That is a huge patch you mention. Guess its time to pull out the herbicide to see about getting rid of the poison ivy.