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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Robert Maring
Date Submitted: 6/9/2003
Location: central Ohio

Question Asked: After getting a small rash on several areas on my legs I looked and found this growing up the side of my garage. Is this the cause? I live in central Ohio and it is the early part of june.

Answer: Hi Robert -

That certainly does look like poison ivy and is your culprit. Thanks for excellent pictures that show so many of the key characteristics of the plant. The key features I look for include:

  • 3 leaflet alternating compound leaf
  • middle leaflet on a longer stalk
  • aerial rootlets
  • woody vine
  • pointed leaflets (not always though)
Your pictures show off all those characteristics. The aerial rootlets make the vine look "hairy" and allows it to cling (vs. twining for some vines). Notice the variations in leaflet on the same vine. Not that unusual as we've come to see from all the pictures sent to us.