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Submitted by:  Scott VS
Date Submitted: 6/6/2003
Location: Green Bay WI

Question Asked: I cleared this area last year behind our house. I have a dense woods with a stream running through it behind us. I picked up a rash last year clearing this area. I assume it to be poisin ivy. The plants are just starting to grow again. This first photo is next to a tree and it is just starting to cling to it. Several other plants are coming up in the area not near trees. But I had cut the trees down last year. Positive ID?

Answer: Hi Scott -

The primary plant in both pictures appears to be bristly. Also the leaves are whitish underneath. This is likely wild red raspberry. This plant likes to grow in clearings so your space is an ideal spot for this plant. The canes grow 2 to 6 feet high and are bristly with few or no stickers.

It is quite possible that the rash you had from last year was from poison ivy. Perhaps the plants are lurking in there with the others (I see wild grape and a number of other viens) or you may have disturbed the area sufficiently such that the plants are dead, removed, or not yet come back up.