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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Liz Stewart
Date Submitted: 6/2/2003
Location: North/Central New York State, north of Syracuse, NY

Question Asked: I'm not sure if this is poison or not with the ragged edges. Most of the other pictures on your site looked like smooth edged poison ivy. It is allover our side yard under trees along the ground in areas that we do not go for fear that it is poinson ivy. We are in North/Central New York State, north of Syracuse, NY.

Answer: Hi Liz -

The interesting thing about poison ivy is that the leaflets do vary on the edge. Even though I can't seem the vine, I'll say that these are pictures of poison ivy plants. Here's my logic:

  • 3 leaflet leaves alternating on the vine (can see enough of that)
  • Middle leaflet on a longer stem
  • irregularly toothed
  • Spring growth with reddish new leaves
  • Egg shaped leaflets
One thing I've noticed from these submissions is that the reddish leaves are still coming out on plants in the northern states. Down in Florida the poison ivy plants now have drupes (berries). These leaves are not than uncommon for shape.