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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Sam Willmon
Date Submitted: 5/26/2003
Location: Central VA

Question Asked: We've recently moved in to new house at which the lot has been running rampant for nearly a year. As a result, we've got all kinds of interesting things growing around the front porch and yard! My rash, which looks identical to some of the poison ivy pics, seems to be going away. I am still getting a few new blisters every day! As a result, I'm on a search and destroy mission in my yard. Please let me know if the attached pic looks like the guilty party -- my wife will appreciate it if I leave a few "green things" growing along the front walk!

Answer: Hi Sam - I had a nice canned message to leave here about the plant being wild blackberry. The thorns on the bramble are the key here along with leaf configuration, shape. And just as I was setting up the picture for this webpage I noticed something peeking in the upper left corner. What is that little reddish color 3 leaflet plant? That may be the culprit you are searching for. The picture clarity isn't good enough to say (you are welcome to send me more pictures of this other plant) but this may be poison ivy.