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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Jan
Date Submitted: 5/23/2003
Location: Howell, Michigan

Question Asked: I moved into a new house & found these growing in the back yard. Would like to know if they are poison of any kind. I did spray with Round Up yesterday, just incase. I live in Howell, Michigan. Pictures were taken today.

Answer: Hi Jan - this plant is probably wild blackberry or other type of bramble and will pop up seemingly everywhere. I'm forever removing blackberry canes from gardens and other spots. You can tell that this is not poison ivy by the fleshy stem and the hairy thorns. As this grows it gets fatter and the thorns get bigger. The fruit can be quite nice but not when its taking over!

The 5 leaflet leaf in the second picture also tells us that this is not poison ivy. Poison ivy has 3 leaflets per leaf.

Roundup probably was a good idea as these aren't much fun to pull up.