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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Todd Harris
Date Submitted: 5/19/2003
Location: north Tennessee

Question Asked: I took this picture about 12 hours after I sprayed with weed killer. I thought it was poison ivy, and found your website and took a picture to see what you thought. I live in northeast Tennessee and I have a bunch of this stuff in my back yard.

Answer: Todd - you are correct in your assumption. Funny - when I first looked at the picture I saw the plant on the right and said "nope not poison ivy". Then I saw the vine and plant in the middle with what looks like the beginning of drupes forming and said "yup poison ivy". I believe I am looking at a boxelder on the right. In the background against the pine is a very handsome poison ivy vine - you can see clearly the aerial rootlets. You might want to cut a chunk out of the vine to promote death of the plant.