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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Brad Johnson
Date Submitted: 5/18/2003
Location: Eastern shore Lake Ontario (zone 4b)

Question Asked: Found in my woods, Eastern shore Lake Ontario, zone 4b) in an area known many years ago to have poison ivy, since overgrown by honeysuckle and perhaps smothered out ( I hope!).

Answer: Brad - looks like you can breathe easy. The top picture is not poison ivy - you can tell by the leaves. First off the leaves are opposite on the main stem. Poison ivy leaves are alternate. Second some of the leaves have additional leaflets (more than the 3 we know poison ivy for). Nice imposter.

The second picture is not poison ivy either. Same as above - the opposite leaves are a giveaway. As are the flowers. While poison ivy does have a flower, it is generally compact and yellowish or greenish.

It is possible to have plants overtake poison ivy. One of my favorite patches of poison ivy (for picture opportunities of course) is slowly being choked out by a number of other vines including honeysuckle, wild grape, and virginia creeper.