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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Bob Kryger
Date Submitted: 05/17/03
Location: Fairfield County, Connecticut

Question Asked: I just bought a house in norther Fairfield County Connecticut and the plant has made an appearance all around the perimeter woodline of the back yard. I am looking forward to clearing some of the wooded area but there is so much of this that it may be difficult. I don't want to use chemicals, but will if it is necessary. Most of the plant around the PI is to be removed as well so it is not catastrophic. Am I right in my identification? I took these pictures on May 17 2003.

Answer: Bob,

Great pictures with good detail. I agree with you that this is poison ivy. The coloration in the second picture is spectacular. Seems a shame that a vine with such pretty red and green leaves can be so nasty to us. The top picture is the best for identification as you can really see the woody stem and the hairy tendrils.

You might check out the Control section on this site for non-chemical related remedies. I seem to recall reading somewhere that a salt and vinegar solution can help. Here's a reference I just found: Vinegar for Poison Ivy. As they recommend in the article, goats apparently are very effective in keeping poison ivy under control. Seems like that could be fun :-)