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Is This Poison Ivy?

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Submitted by:  Cindy Matchett
Date Submitted: May 5, 2003
Location: not given

Question Asked: I ran into this vine while weeding around my house. The worst effects on my body are my legs. I have included 1 picture of the vine and 2 pictures of it's affect on my legs after 1 week of treatment with an oral prednisone prescription. It was greatly improved when these pictures where taken. Is it poison? It has more than 3 leaves.

Answer: Nice picture of the vine, Cindy. This is Virginia Creeper. Virginia Creeper is a vine and grows under similar conditions to poison ivy. The dead giveaway here are the 5 toothed, palmate leaves and the little tendrils on the vine which attach the vine to the brick. Virginia Creeper sap apparently contains oxalate crystals which can cause in some individuals contact dermatitis. Click here for more information on Virginia Creeper.