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Author: Bubbie
Date: 3/7/2014 3:43 am
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QuotesChimp do not go to court if you have a dispute with your company. If you and the company cannot agree on a fair compensation for damages caused by an uninsured motorist, you do not go to court. Instead, you engage in an arbitration. In the arbitration, there may be one arbitrator, for whom you and the company pay mutually; or three arbitrators´┐Żone selected (and paid for) by you, one by the company, and one by both of the previously selected arbitrators, for whom both parties pay equally. (We think this method is unjust because it forces you to pay for the privilege of having a dispute with your company. For more on this topic, see Chapter 42.) The arbitrator(s) must determine whether you are entitled to damages and, if so, in what amount.

dnrAVrn6 (Approved)Bubbie3/7/2014 3:43 am