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Is this?

Virginia Creeper

Subject: Virginia Creeper
Author: Simone
Date: 9/1/2003 10:08 pm
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Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for for identifying this plant. It is identical to the one (haha..correction..MANY) that we have growing on a concrete wall just off of our back patio. For years I have been trying to convince people that it is not poison ivy because it has 5 leaves (and i constantly rip it out with my bare hands). Although I am one of the lucky few that is not not very sensitive to poison ivy, I am fairly sure that if it had been poison ivy, I would have at least had a mild reaction. But I didn't know what poison oak or sumac looked like, so I kept ripping it up just in case it might be one of them or some other skin irritating plant. And for those who don't know, this plant tends to spread like wildfire... at least along a wall.

Virginia Creeper (Approved)Simone9/1/2003 10:08 pm