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Boxelder Maple

Subject: Boxelder Maple
Author: Ken
Date: 5/12/2003 7:03 am
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I wanted to mention, and I would caution Marcos, that the Boxelder Maple may cause as many problems in the long run, as Poison Ivy. Not with toxics like urushiol, but with the attraction it has for a bug called the Boxelder Beatle. Wherever these trees grow, these beatles come to live. They hatch their young in, on and near the tree in cycles. During the summer months, those bugs are all over everything nearby, especially your house. Although they don't sting or bite, they deposit their droppings by the thousands, in the form of a sticky black-brown drop about the size of the head of a pin. This drop sticks to the house, auto, or anything else, and becomes like a drop of tar that will not come off with any type of cleaner I've seen. After while, all your buildings and cars are "dotted" with those things, forever.

Boxelder Maple (Approved)Ken5/12/2003 7:03 am
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