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Re: Healing Stage

Subject: Re: Healing Stage
Author: ivy ann
Date: 7/5/2012 9:46 pm
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i was exposed to poison oak 2 weeks ago today. pulled some weeds and cut them with a scissor, yikes. layed in it so it's on my legs and arms, not my hands, i wore gloves. went to the emergency room a week ago. i turned down prednisone. i was given triamcinolone ceram 5%, but switched to 1% because it burned my skin. then quit using it because my toes were going numb. using a body soap with chamomile from the health food store, and some natural lavender lotion. using a blow dryer to dry the blisters. and i used powder on them for one day too. i seem to itch in the evening but i use benadryl cream on it. i am 50% better. last week i spent 48 hours on benadryl pills every 5 hours and slept when things were at their worst. you can not use the cream and pills together. i am sticking to my usual vegetarian diet. every day brings a few more blisters, but some of the large quarter sized plus beet red spots are fading. over the last week i have gotten little dots on my chest and tummy. i think this is worse than child birth. thank goodness i am on vacation from work; would have had to take at least 2 weeks off, because i had it so bad.

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