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Re: when to see the doc

Subject: Re: when to see the doc
Author: Visitor
Date: 6/14/2012 2:16 pm
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Remember that the rash is not spreading unless you are still coming in contact with the oil. The appearance of spreading is due to how long the area was exposed to the oil and how sensitive that area is. An area that is less sensitive (tougher, thicker skin) will break out several days later than an area of thinner more sensitive skin.

With the stuff I'm recovering from now, the inside of my arm and my eye started breaking out the next day. My torso a few days later (and not nearly as bad) and just a bubble here and there on my hand a week later. If you are still getting new areas that are pretty bad more than a week after it first starting showing, it's likely you are being exposed to the oil again. Make sure everything you came in contact with has been washed including clothing, shoes, tools, door knobs you may have touched, even the faucet you turned on to wash your hands.

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