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Poison Ivy Treatment

Subject: Poison Ivy Treatment
Author: Melinda
Date: 5/29/2012 9:37 am
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I, for the first time in my 32years on this earth, just got poison ivy for the first time two days ago. I was unaware that's what it was as I am allergic to EVERYTHING. My sons father knows about it & informed me that's what it was. We think it was on the dog & that's how I got it. It's on both calves ankle to above the knee. I spread it to my neck by scratching but it's not bad. THANKS TO THIS SITE, IT'S ALMOST GONE ALREADY, 48 HOURS AFTER CONTRACTING IT! I would like to make mention that I scratched the hell out of my legs all day yesterday, before using the remedy, so I am sure that all my blisters were open already. I also used the 91% isopropyl alcohol to stop the itch before I used the remedy of Dawn followed by the paste. I washed with dawn dish liquid & using the vinegar/baking soda powder paste. I've been "taming" the itch with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Again, I state that I have only had it for 2 days now & it's cleared SO much that it just looks like bug bites now. I'm not sure why they're saying not to use the isopropyl alcohol, as it is a drying agent & an anti-septic, it worked on the itch for me. Then again, I did use other things than just the alcohol. So maybe it's the combination. Thanks & Good luck to all!

Poison Ivy Treatment (Approved)Melinda5/29/2012 9:37 am