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How can I tell in the Winter?

Subject: How can I tell in the Winter?
Author: Stephanie
Date: 2/8/2012 3:48 pm
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I am currently removing all of the brush and small trees from my yard. I have poison ivy through out my yard and still see the vines growing up some trees.

My concern is that it's winter and, beside the vines, I can't tell what part of the ground and brush is poison ivy because there are no leaves. There is so much that I need to burn, but am afraid that there may be poison ivy mixed in with the brush I've collected.

My question is, how can I be safe while I'm burning? Could I simply wear a surgical / Painter's mask? Is there a way to tell which "Brush" is actual Poison Ivy?

How can I tell in the Winter? (Approved)Stephanie2/8/2012 3:48 pm
  Re: How can I tell in the Wint (Approved)Eric Barnett 'Bam Bam'4/30/2012 3:48 pm