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Subject: Rash
Author: Curzad
Date: 10/7/2011 10:43 pm
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I got a rash on my right arm in three places 1 mid forearm, 1 slightly above elbow crease and 1 slightly below elbow crease. These are the only place i have the rashes. I went shooting on a Sunday and on Tuesday I noticed I had these rashes. I have had poison ivy before and had a really bad reaction had to go to hospital to get treated. After that I have pretty much been immune to poison ivy I might get rashes, but that's it. These rashes I have now do not itch, but there are bumps on the rashes making me believe I have poison ivy and or oak. I also think that I might have been by several bugs. The rashes are not spreading and they don't cause me any problems they just look unsightly. I am going to go the doctors on Monday to see what they think it is. I have scratched the rashes to see if they would spread, but this has not happened the skin on the rashes tears easily. On the rash there is 1 big bump surrounded by several smaller bumps. Does anyone have any advice what it would be wish i had a camera, so i could take some pictures of it.


This is not my real name :p.

Rash (Approved)Curzad10/7/2011 10:43 pm