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Poison Ivy Spread Intercourse?

Subject: Poison Ivy Spread Intercourse?
Author: Alison Ecki
Date: 9/12/2011 9:55 am
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Hi everyone.
This is a very awkward subject. Well my husband has had poison ivy for a couple of weeks now. He thought he was over the "spreading" phase. The original place that it infected, his ankles, have been starting to heal and go away, but it has spread. It spread up his legs, a little on his arms, and his testicles and not penis. He just noticed this right when we began having sex. He felt like his penis was burning so he pulled out and noticed it was red and inflamed. Could it have spread to me from intercourse? What can I do about this? Any advice would help!

Poison Ivy Spread Intercourse? (Approved)Alison Ecki9/12/2011 9:55 am
  Re: Poison Ivy Spread Intercou (Approved)Shelly9/13/2011 2:29 am