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Is it Poison Ivy?

Subject: Is it Poison Ivy?
Author: Violette VinZant
Date: 5/11/2011 3:07 pm
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Is it poison ivy? I have some pictures of poison ivy and another couple that look like poison ivy. They are growing up in the yard. I am familiar with poison ivy because I have been trying to clear a bad case of it in my yard. The plants that run up the side of the house, cover the fence row, and climb up the trees are easily identified by the three leaves, furry/woody vines, and small seed clusters, but the ones popping up in the yard only have the three leaf cluster and some have both three leaf and five leaf on the same plant, please help.

Is it Poison Ivy? (Approved)Violette VinZant5/11/2011 3:07 pm