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Poison Sumac out of control! Please help!!

Subject: Poison Sumac out of control! Please help!!
Author: Doug
Date: 5/5/2011 10:45 am
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I have poison sumac all throughout my yard, front and back. It grows up as free standing sprigs. They are like little trees. They can be a foot tall in a week. I have used the roundup on them and it works but it kills the grass too and the grass wont come back for a whole season. So that is not an option. Each week I have about 20-30 new sprigs. I just mow them down. They come back more and more. In the flower beds everywhere, sidewalk cracks, anywhere there is dirt they seem to grow. I had one growing through a crack in my garage floor. It seems if I weed and feed my lawn they get stronger. I am at loss!! I have been fighting them for about 5 years now and they seem to be winning. I am so highly allergic to it I have to be 100% covered to mow my lawn. Then everything into the washer and me staright into the shower careful not to touch anything or anyone on the way.

I know there are two very large (40 ft) sumac trees near my yard. One is on my property line. At least they have the exact same leaf pattern. I stay away from those.

I need something I can put down on my whole lawn to kill them without killing the St Augustine grass.

Any ideas would be so helpful.


Poison Sumac out of control! P (Approved)Doug5/5/2011 10:45 am