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Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Emily
Date: 5/1/2011 1:41 pm
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Hey all! Just wanted to let you know what worked best for me this past week after getting poison ivy on my ankles in the back yard. The first few nights benadryl was the only thing i could take to sleep. I did soaks in super hot water with epsom salt and that gave hours of relief from the itching while awake. Now it's day 6 and I'm using Aveeno Anti-Itch concentrated lotion for relief of poison ivy/oak/sumac (bought at CVS). It is MAGICAL lotion providing relief w/in 5 minutes of application. It also helps with the weeping (shudder). This is the most horrible case I've ever had (not as bad as some pics I've seen in my research though). So I just wanted to share some remedies that have helped me this past week.
Hope it helps!

Poison Ivy (Approved)Emily5/1/2011 1:41 pm