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Poison Ivy Relapse

Subject: Poison Ivy Relapse
Author: Tim
Date: 3/17/2011 3:54 pm
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So I got poison ivy about 2 weeks ago. It started small, but I am highly allergic to it so it broke out in a couple other places. I said to myself, "Not this time.", and went to a doctor. I was put on an oral course of Prednisone, and it worked great when I was taking it. 6 days through the course however, the Prednisone completely messed with my body (I have another health condition) and caused me to become very sick. I called the doctor, and he told me to stop taking it, so I did. Now, about 3 days later, the rash is spreading a bit, not too fast, but certainly consistent. My question is this: Has anyone else had this happen? Could this relapse potentially be worse than the original course?

Also- My poison ivy rashes can exist in two forms. The consecutive bumpy/blistering kind that many are familiar with, but also singular spread bumps over an entire area of my body. Does anyone have these singular bumps? It looks very similar to chicken pox.

Poison Ivy Relapse (Approved)Tim3/17/2011 3:54 pm
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