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dormant poison ivy or trumpet vine

Subject: dormant poison ivy or trumpet vine
Author: Janet
Date: 3/5/2011 7:26 am
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How can you tell if a dormant vine is a trumpet vine or poison ivy? This vine is growing in an area where there are both types of vines. This vine is growing all up the tree and into the branches. Where it is attached to the tree ever so often (9", 12" ....) at a node there is roots growing out of the node and holding on to a tree. Once it "leaves" the main tree trunk it winds in and round limbs for another 10' or 20' or more. It is a woody type vine. Two main reasons I think it's a trumpet vine and not poison vine is one the roots on the vine are at nodes and not then entire length of the vine (and not as rooty or hariy) and two, it actually leaves the trunk of the tree and winds through out the tree. The vine is dormant and had no seed pods on it. I'm cleaning out this area carefully and if it's a poison ivy vine I do not want to put it in the burn pile. Thank you very much for your help.

dormant poison ivy or trumpet (Approved)Janet3/5/2011 7:26 am