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Re: Ivy and thorns

Subject: Re: Ivy and thorns
Author: Rick
Date: 2/27/2011 8:32 pm
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I have what I think is poison ivy...it has singular (typical) green thorny stems that either near immediately wrap around tree trunks and climb the tree or the thorny stems grow up to four or five feet straight up before latching onto branches and then entwining along the branches and tree trunk. I have gotten the rash and blisters from these, both from thorns and the leaves (top of thorn) etc. I found Techu followed by shower immediately after working in the woods works great...knock on wood. Can anyone confirm this is poison ivy. THe stems sprout from thick trailing root systems under the soil...any hints on how to kill these....I assume they are what's damaging/choking off the trees they entangle...?

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