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Subject: Worried
Author: Brandon
Date: 2/7/2011 8:33 pm
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I work outside often times cutting down trees and what not, a few days ago the top of my pointer finger developed blister like rash, approximately half and in long. It itched and I scratched causing the small blisters to open. No I have a small rash under my eye, over my lips just under my nose the bend at the elbow and my waist, can this spreading be attributed to the ivy or oak whatever it was? I bought the cream and my doctor put me on predisone, but as I was leaving the Dr. office he mentioned scabies! and said he did not believe it was that and that it was poison...something. I understand there are some general signs for both and the scabies is supposed to itch at night and be extremely contagious and my gf and I have had contact and has no signs of anything and the same with our roommates child. I take a medication that essentially stops my immune system so I have made the assumption that is why the poison Ivy has spread. Could anyone give me any sort of information? Such as; any major differences between the two problems that I could easily differentiate? I apologize for the long post, but I have a HUGE interview this Thursday and want to look and feel my best! Thanks!

Worried (Approved)Brandon2/7/2011 8:33 pm