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Re: leaves vs vines

Subject: Re: leaves vs vines
Author: Alyson
Date: 9/26/2010 11:54 pm
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Any part of the plant can cause the rash, roots, leaves, stems etc. Including burning green poison ivy. Doing this puts it in the air and can cause the rash on your body and also in your throat and your lungs, so becareful while disposing of it. To remove it with out getting the rash, I suggest wearing a double layer of clothing such as long johns under your clothes, make sure you are in full pants and long sleeve shirt and gloves. Avoid getting it anywhere near your face, and when you are done immediantly put all your clothes and shoes in the washer and shower. If it does come in contact with your skin immediantly wash it off and clean the area with pure bleach. Hope this helps.

leaves vs vines (Approved)steven9/26/2010 8:04 am
  Re: leaves vs vines (Approved)Alyson9/26/2010 11:54 pm