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Subject: Neem=Relief!
Author: BoulderJen
Date: 9/13/2010 2:53 pm
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I have poison rash that has lasted for 2 weeks now. First week no inflammation I thought they were spider bites. Second week major inflamation,spreading rash, itch, pain, and oozing on arms legs and torso.
I have used about every product on the shelves and from the doctor and the most effective so far has been my own concoction of very strong Neem tea, and when that is done steeping I put in oatmeal (a lot, enough to soak up all the tea). Let cool (i like it best from the fridge super cold) and use oatmeal like paste over all the rash. Leave on for as long as possible.
I was amazed how much better it was each time i used this. I also just found neem soap and other products.
Hope it helps some in need!!

Neem=Relief! (Approved)BoulderJen9/13/2010 2:53 pm