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Subject: Help With Dosage
Author: Alexandria
Date: 9/9/2010 9:21 pm
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On saturday night I accidentally laid down in a patch of poison ivy to which I am highly allergic (I can't even eat mangos because the mango tree is in the sumac family). I first discovered the rash Monday morning on my left thigh. Since then it has gotten worse and spread so extensively that it has reached my leg, and I can no longer see any skin color on my stomach, just a bright red with bumps everywhere. It is also on other parts of my body in random little splotches. I began applying a steroid cream my mom had lying around the house, but Wednesday I moved to the Dominican Republic, a country where there is no poison ivy, and I left the cream in the states. I looked up online and saw prednisone was recommended; i was able to find 5 mg tablets here, but am wondering how much the normal recommended dose is for severe cases like mine. Also, I was wondering if there is a cream that is not specific for poison ivy (they don't have anything made specifically for it since it is not found here) that anyone has found helpful. I am going to the beach next week, and as the rash continues to keep spreading (I'm wondering if I accidentally put infected clothes in my suitcase and infected my entire wardrobe?!?!) I am desperate. It is highly uncomfortable, and since I don't have running hot water, I am desperate for relief of any sort.
Also, everything is OTC here so any prescriptions would be wonderful. Thank you

Help With Dosage (Approved)Alexandria9/9/2010 9:21 pm
  Re: Help With Dosage (Approved)Alexandria9/19/2010 1:14 pm