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Re: washing clothes

Subject: Re: washing clothes
Author: Alex
Date: 8/25/2010 2:39 am
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Hey there! Do NOT burn the clothes! Oil from poison ivy/oak is spread in the smoke, breathing it in can cause severe reactions, trust me I've lived in Kansas my whole life and have seen many unhappy field hands catch poison ivy while burning fields! The best way to get rid of poison ivy is not to catch it. An annoying answer I know, especially if you have it, but knowing what the plants look like and steering clear of them is the only way not to have problems. Of course once you do get into a patch wash with icy cold water ASAP! Some say dish soap works best, I'm not 100% on that, but wash well! As far as your clothes go, I've never had a problem washing them with other clothes, just use HOT water and them twice in a row. You'll be fine, but if you're worried about it (as we all are, poison ivy sucks) you can toss them in the trash, don't burn them! Wash em' twice and go buy some Zanfenel, or however it's spelled. It really works better than anything else, trust me, I fish and hunt all the time and pretty much grew up in the Kansas poison ivy patches! Good luck to ya buddy!

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