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Re: Poison Ivy Vaccine

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy Vaccine
Author: Mark
Date: 8/19/2010 8:25 am
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I just searched the internet because I also had a series of shots for that was supposed to be a poison ivy vaccine sometime in the 1970ís. I was a young teenager and donít remember the details. Like the original post I have never had poison ivy since, even though I had previously had it. I know Iím exposed to it almost every summer. As I recall a year or two after I received the shots other members of my Boy Scout troop tried to get them and where told they were no longer available This would have been long before the 1995 date listed in the first reply to this post.
I am curious if anyone has any additional information about what was in the series of shots given in the mid 1970ís.

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