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Poison Ivy - Highly Allergic

Subject: Poison Ivy - Highly Allergic
Author: Mark Sorgenfrei
Date: 7/29/2010 7:43 pm
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Status: Approved
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We were 4 wheeling over the weekend and apparently I got into poison ivy. I try to watch carefully for poison ivy because I know I'm very allergic to it. I did not realize I had gotten into it until we were already home. I'm certain due to the placement of the rash that it was on my riding gloves and is most likely on my chin strap of my helmet. I have a sever rash on my arms, a less sever rash on my neck (right where my chin strap would have been)and on my belly. I'm more than willing to throw out my riding gloves, but how do I clean my helmet? I always store my riding gloves inside my helmet and put my helmet in the soft storage bag so I'm sure the oil is now inside my helmet and not just on the chin strap.

Poison Ivy - Highly Allergic (Approved)Mark Sorgenfrei7/29/2010 7:43 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy - Highly Allerg (Approved)Chris - Buffalo, NY7/30/2010 2:51 pm