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twin niece misdiagnosed? What is this plant?

Subject: twin niece misdiagnosed? What is this plant?
Author: Carmen
Date: 7/21/2010 9:03 am
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I tried to write this is a feedback form but the confirmation image is broken on that page:
My little 3 yr old set of twin nieces touched what the docs at the ER said was poison oak (grandma was growing it like a decorative plant on a fence) but your pictures look nothing like it. I have a great pic from the ER of the plant in a baggy on my phone that I can forward to you (if you want give me your cell # if you can accept pics that way). One twin was fine. The other rubbed her eyes and they immediately teared, went bloodshot and swelled with hives under her eyes; that turned into big-time swelling.
Treatment in the ER was to prescribe her steroids for three days and Benadryl (they didnt even give her an eye wash/or even touch her eye area). She is fine now but I think the docs are wrong about the plant. She evidently is allergic to it and we want a second opinion on the plant. Can I send the pic to you by phone? Later, you can use the pic if you want to on your site if you wish.
Thanks, Carmen
my e-mail address is:
[email protected]

twin niece misdiagnosed? What (Approved)Carmen7/21/2010 9:03 am