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Ivy Off remedy

Subject: Ivy Off remedy
Author: Virginia
Date: 7/19/2010 10:18 pm
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Since I was also helped from the good people posting about Ivy Off on this site, I wanted to help others the way I was helped too. I had to overnight the product because I only found out about it after 2 weeks and was entirely miserable. The extra money was definitely worth spent.

When I got it, I spread the gel over the rash and felt almost immediate relief. Nothing I had used previously had felt as good! I have not had another breakout since and have been very diligent about putting the gel on whenever I feel a tell-tale itch and no rash pops up.

Bless everyone who posted and I hope this helps some other poor soul!

Ivy Off remedy (Approved)Virginia7/19/2010 10:18 pm