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Subject: Doctors/Dermatologists Opinions
Author: Brian
Date: 7/19/2010 2:14 pm
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I have found a lot of information on treatments and regimens for poison ivy, most of which appear to be at odds with each other. Some people say do one thing, while others say don't do it.

Is there a section here that details what actual doctors/dermatoligists recommend? I understand things will work differently for different people, but there must general guidelines for things like:

-Hot or cold water, which is actually best?
-Alcohol yes or no?
-Bleach yes or no?
-Cortizone shot; how severe before this is really needed?
-Prescriptions; how severe before these are really needed?
-Keep it covered or exposed?


Doctors/Dermatologists Opinion (Approved)Brian7/19/2010 2:14 pm