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Re: my leg

Subject: Re: my leg
Author: Ashley
Date: 7/2/2010 2:28 pm
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You should go to a doctor if it's that bad. I went to the doctor yesterday for my poison ivy blisters and it's already starting to dry up. You will get a shot of cortizone, usually in your hip, and then they will give you a prescription for a type of steroid that will fight off the poison ivy. That really is the best way to heal it fast.

But if you want the swelling to go down, I have done this several times before. Sterilize a needle of some sort and pop open the blisters. Immediately put rubbing alcohol on the patch. It is a myth that the ooze inside spreads the poison ivy more, but you do want to follow with rubbing alcohol to get rid of it and dry out the area.

Jewelweed soap bars and/or gels are really good too! Hope that helps!

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