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Peppermint oil to soothe itching

Subject: Peppermint oil to soothe itching
Author: Alyssa
Date: 7/2/2010 2:07 pm
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Essential oil of peppermint is extremely cooling and will soothe your rash for a time. I put about 15 drops of the oil into a paste of baking soda, aloe gel, and water or vinegar. Make sure it is pure essential oil, not an extract or perfume etc. It is also very powerful so the 15 drops was enough to make a paste for my chest area. (I also have just the peppermint oil in my car to apply directly to my skin on hot days. It's incredible.)

Peppermint oil to soothe itchi (Approved)Alyssa7/2/2010 2:07 pm