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poison ivy options

Subject: poison ivy options
Author: Tori
Date: 6/30/2010 8:25 pm
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I am extremely allergic to poison ivy have gotten it pretty much every year of my life. I always like to try new remedies to see what works the best and the fastest. It seems to be spreading right now and just getting worse within the past couple of days. I usually wait until the blisters are large enough to pop and then follow with rubbing alcohol, but it's on my neck right now and I really don't trust anyone enough to do that for me haha. Suggestions please!! It really hurts and I want it gone as soon as possible

poison ivy options (Approved)Tori6/30/2010 8:25 pm
  Re: poison ivy options (Approved)Cindi7/1/2010 7:48 am