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unexplained ivy exposure

Subject: unexplained ivy exposure
Author: John
Date: 6/21/2010 9:51 am
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Ok, I had poison ivy on my knee and my butt(dont ask). It showed up about a week ago. I have been noticing what appears to be bug bites since. They are randomly showing up everywhere on my body. Generally in areas such as waste bands, arm pit, upper legs, neck, back and stomach. Some of them are tiny little blisters, other are just little red bumps. I thought I was getting bit by fleas or maybe bed bugs. I have bug bombed, powdered and vacuumed, sprayed and treated every nook and cranny. I have not found a single bug anywhere. The house is bug free. I do have dogs that are treated with Frontline and I have not noticed a single bug or egg. Can poison ivy spread in this manner? If I had got the oil on my loofa would this spread it? The spots are also popping up where I shave, mostly chest, lower abdomen and arm pits.

unexplained ivy exposure (Approved)John6/21/2010 9:51 am
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